Hygienic and periodontic services

Teaching to brush your teeth and oral care

0 uah

Ultrasonic dental cleaning

1000 uah

Micro Sun Blasting (Kavo Pearls)

1000 uah

Teeth polishing with special pastes and rubber bands

500 uah

Deep fluoridation (1 procedure)

700 uah

Remineralizing therapy Fluor Protect (2 jaws)

1200 uah

Non-invasive caries treatment I-CON (1 tooth)

800 uah

Closed curettage Hu-Friedy

1000 uah

PRF technologies

2000 uah

Diagnocat laser diagnostics of caries and periodontal tissues in pregnant women

2500 uah

Beyond Polus teeth whitening

10000 uah

Departure of the dental car at home

1500 uah

Tooth decoration (SKYCE)

3500 uah

Tooth decoration (Ivoclar, Svarovski, gold)

10000 uah

Teeth whitening complex

45000 uah

Профгігієна Стандарт

2000 uah

Профгігієна Профі

2500 uah

Профгігієна Профі+

3000 uah

Hygienic and periodontic services


Professional hygiene and periodontic services are important to keep your smile pretty, your breath – fresh and your oral cavity – healthy.
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