Sleep treatment (1 hour)

3500 uah

Nitrous oxide sedation (15 min)

500 uah

Nitrous oxide sedation (30-45 min)

750 uah

Pediatric dentist consultation

300 uah

Professional dental cleaning

500 uah

Fissure sealing

500 uah

Temporary filling (for children)

200 uah

Milk tooth restoration

600 uah

Application of children's crown (3M Germany)

1300 uah

Non-invasive caries treatment I-CON (1 tooth)

750 uah


General anaesthetic or sedation patients sleep through the entire dental procedure. You will be unaware of the sight, smell and sounds, easing fear, anxiety and discomfort. Sleep dentistry became standard in many dental clinics around the world. Moreover, sleep through is a must for patients with special needs: cerebral palsy, autism, neurological diseases or if a patient is allergic to local anesthesia.
Doctor Mashnik Victoria, a photo
Doctor Maliarchuk Nikita, a photo

Specialist in the field of sleep treatment, restoration of milk teeth using children's crowns.


Expert on human emergencies.
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