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Odesa's First Private Dental Center is a leader in the dental industry in Odessa. We live up to this high rank every day - we introduce modern technologies and use premium equipment: Castellini, Leica, Melag, Dentsply Sirona, Vatech, Fastbraces Tecnhology and many others. But not only equipment and technologies make the clinic so popular and demanded, it's all about our dentists: they are constantly developing and studying, not allowing themselves to miss anything new in the industry.


The philosophy of Odesa's First Private Dental Center is an emphasis on quality, professionalism and an individual approach to every patient. Our patients feel our care, feel the high qualifications of the dentist and the quality of his work from the beginning to the very end of the treatment. Most patients, after successful treatment, maintain good relations with doctors and visit them for regular check-ups. We are happy to work with little patients, giving them maximum attention and care.


Premium level equipment

Accuracy, speed, clarity. Modern, high-quality technology allows us to carry out diagnostics and treatment with the highest accuracy.

Online registration

No unnecessary calls! Your appointment is three clicks away. You choose the date, time and doctor yourself!

We work 7 days a week

It can be difficult to fit a visit to the doctor into your busy schedule. We don’t limit you to weekdays, but we take care of your health every day of the week.
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Doctor-radiologist at the Center for Digital Diagnostics

Specialist in digital implantation planning and manufacturing of surgical templates.

Digital diagnostics center specialist


Doctor-surgeon specialist in the field of tooth extraction, atypical tooth extraction, application of membrane and osteoinductive technologies, periodontal flap operations, implantation, application of PRF technology, implantation using a surgical navigation template , implantation in an open way.


Doctor orthopedist

The main activity is digital technologies in microprosthetics. Total aesthetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity.

Doctor hygienist-periodontist

Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa, periodontal. Professional oral hygiene according to international protocols.

Specialist in the field of sleep treatment, restoration of milk teeth using children's crowns.

Digital diagnostics center radiologist

Alexander specializes on digital planning of implantation and manufacturing surgical templates.

Children dentist

Victoria specializes on sleep treatment and milk teeth restoration using dental crowns for children.

Дитячий лікар-стоматолог


Expert on human emergencies.

Digital diagnostics center specialist

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Service Diagnostics, a photo

X-ray center at Dental Center offers safe, fast, modern and high-quality service. Our equipment allows procedure X-ray even for little patients. Timeous diagnostics is an important step to recovery and an opportunity to avoid unpleasant consequences of disease. Moreover, regular appointments to your dentist can help prevent dental diseases.
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Home visits by a dentist can be relevant in a variety of cases. We take into account a number of aspects and are ready to help you in the cozy atmosphere of your own apartment. Dental Mobile will bring you a doctor who will examine you and, if necessary, begin treatment. In some cases, you need to go to the clinic. Dental Mobile waiting time - 15 minutes in the downtown, 30 minutes outside the downtown (without traffic jams).
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If you are shy about dentures, don't want someone to notice them and doubt about the quality of veneers, we can make all your doubts clear. In our own dental laboratory, we manufacture ceramic crowns, veneers and much more. All ceramic products are made individually for each patient, and this makes the treatment as effective, reliable and safe as possible. And most importantly: with high-quality ceramic dentures and veneers, you will be able to transform your teeth without being noticed by others!
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We provide a wide range of services: dental treatment, prosthetics, occlusion correction, surgery, whitening, professional cleaning, gum treatment, dental implantation, pediatric dentistry. Thus, patients with a wide variety of needs receive quality and qualified treatment at Odesa's First Private Dental Center. This is why our clinic is so popular for the whole family treatment.
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Our mission is to form a nation with a healthy and beautiful smile. We are always ready to help residents of Odessa to find a beautiful smile right now! Odesa's First Private Dental Center provided free treatment for 100 war veterans - we installed prostheses, some of the veterans were admitted to the clinic, and to the other part we went home. The clinic provided free treatment for 100 children from large families. Also, the clinic provided free treatment for teachers of Odessa schools and universities. With the help of these projects, we implement our mission and broadcast the key idea: residents of Odessa deserve the best level of treatment.

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Equipment, Installations Castellini, a photo

Installations Castellini

Castellini is a world leader in the production of high-tech medical equipment. The brand's products are known for high quality, functionality, high reliability and long lasting use, safety and maximum convenience for both the doctor and the patient. These installations allow the doctor to interact most effectively with the patient.
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Equipment, Sterilization installation Melag, a photo
Sterilization installation Melag
Melag is a manufacturer of autoclaves for sterilizing instruments of various classes. The classes are united by reliability and impeccable product quality. Thus, the company managed to bring the standards of instrument decontamination to a new level, using innovative technologies. The excellent reputation of the company throughout the world for over 50 years only confirms the quality of the sterilization work.
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Equipment, DENTSPLY SIRONA Scanners and Routers, a photo

DENTSPLY SIRONA Scanners and Routers

The Sirona regularly presents products and solutions which make it possible to simplify and make the dentist's work safer, herewith improving the quality of work. The brand's scanners and milling cutters are used by dentists every day.
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Equipment, STRAUMANN implants, a photo
STRAUMANN implants
STRAUMANN are the founders of dental implantology, who installed the first implant before the international dental community recognized titanium dental implants as a standard treatment. Today STRAUMANN is the world leader in the production of dental implants, prosthetics and regenerative materials. Over the years, the name of the company has become the quality standard among all modern implants. STRAUMANN has gained wide popularity and prominence due to its attention to medicine, constant improvement of technology, wide range of implants and flexible prices.
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Fastbraces is the newest invention for teeth straightening. This development is considered revolutionary because it allows braces to be installed quickly, safely, easily and affordably. For most cases, this system is already complete and does not require additional intervention. Fastbraces lead patients to outstanding results.
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Equipment, CEREC Omnicam, a photo
CEREC Omnicam
The CEREC Omnicam system allows you to obtain the most accurate optical impressions from the patient's chair. A digital 3D scan of the jaw allows to model the necessary prosthetic structure and immediately transfer it to the laboratory or clinical milling machine. The doctor receives the structure ready for fixation.
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Equipment, VATECH, a photo


Vatech Global is a world-known manufacturer of high-tech dental equipment. They produce the safest and the most accurate equipment, such as: radiovisiographs, panoramic devices, dental X-rays for diagnostics in dentistry of any complexity.
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Equipment, Beyond Polus, a photo
Beyond Polus
Photo whitening of teeth with Beyond Polus gel takes about 30 minutes and allows you to whiten teeth by 5-12 semitones. The procedure is safe for the patient, and with proper care, the effect lasts for 12-20 months. Whitening takes place in several stages, including an initial consultation with a dentist and a final visit to examine and consolidate the whitening result.
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Certificate Ліцар вітчизни, photo

Ліцар вітчизни

Certificate Кращі підприємства, photo

Кращі підприємства

Certificate Одесіт року, photo

Одесіт року

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