Surgery and implantation


350 uah

Tooth extraction

1500 uah

Milk tooth extraction

800 uah

Bridle surgery

2000 uah

Open sinus lift (excluding material)

10000 uah

Installation of MegaGen Any One implant

10000 uah

Installation of MegaGen AnyRidge implant

15000 uah

Installation of the Straumann SLA Roxolid implant

20000 uah

Departure of the dental car at home

1500 uah

Using PRF technology

2000 uah

Implant installation Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant System

35000 uah


Oral surgery means not only tooth extraction, but a lot of other procedures that can help keep a teeth and create proper conditions for dentoalveolar system functioning.
Doctor Adarchenko Nikita, a photo


Doctor-surgeon specialist in the field of tooth extraction, atypical tooth extraction, application of membrane and osteoinductive technologies, periodontal flap operations, implantation, application of PRF technology, implantation using a surgical navigation template , implantation in an open way.