Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan

500 uah

Temporary crown of laboratory production

1500 uah

Metal ceramic crown

5400 uah

Zirconia crown (monochrome)

6500 uah

Zirconia crown (Multilayer 5)

10000 uah

Ceramic veneer / in-lay / on-lay / over-lay (CEREC)

5600 uah

Ceramic veneer / in-lay / on-lay / over-lay (E-MAX, Switzerland)

11500 uah

Complete removable denture (Germany) (basic 2-layer set)

7300 uah

Vertex polyamide prosthesis

8800 uah

Departure of the dental car at home

1500 uah


Restorative dental procedures can solve both cosmetic and functional problems. Our dentists will restore your teeth to appear as natural as possible so you can smile, laugh and feel comfortable in any situation!
Doctor Pavlyuk Oleg, a photo

Doctor orthopedist

The main activity is digital technologies in microprosthetics. Total aesthetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity.